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Fuzzy Elf


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You know somethings terribly wrong when.....

Blob joins jenny craig
kitty can cook
Mystique wins mother of the year
professor X. grows hair
Kurt dumps Amanda
Rogue joins the girl scouts
Kitty can Drive
Quicksilver loses a race
toad turns into a prince
Wanda dates toad
Pyro is afraid of fire
Storm is afraid of lightening
evan is mature
Mystique writes a book on how to raise children
Xavier has a headache
beast goes dumb
Rogue admires jean
Kitty Wins the Bayville Meat Eatting Contest
Colossus gets rusty

X-Facts: The Highly Addictive and awesome game made by the WB that tests your Evolution smarts!!!


You know you watch too much X men Evolution When...

You wear gloves to avoid skin to skin contact

When people ask about the sunglasses you cry 'I've got a bazooka behind each one! What do you expect me to do?!' Then walk off singing 'I wear my sunglasses at night...'

You've always got a head injury from trying to walk through walls

When a storm starts up you take the credit

You're late for school because you took too long trying to teleport there this morning. For some reason it just won't work...

You wear spandex suits and prefeer to be refeered to by your code name

You attempt to cheat on tests at school by trying to read the mind of the person sitting next to you.

You often fall from form high places (e.g., lamp posts, trees, chandelers) because that tail you try to use just isn't there.

You write fashion magazines and tell them how hot blue fur is this season. You never forget to mention that bald is sexy!

You acuse random people on the street of being Mystique

You refuse to use a knife when your retractable claws work just as well

You try to play with your dog thinking you've turned yourself into one

You ramble about how solar energy makes you stronger

You are in the habit of exploding things

You dodge people in the halls for fear of multiplying if they bump into you

You scream 'why won't ice come out of my hands!!??' when you try to freeze your pool over for a little midsummer skating

You ask your parents to build a danger room in the basement. For training purposes...

You get upset when your mom won't let you play with fireworks. It's even more upsetting when she doesn't beleive they come out of your hands

You have an x men evolution website

Your x men evolution web site includes one of these sections

Turn of the Rogue Bloopers


Kitty: All right, guys. On the count of three, everyone strike a dumb face pose. One...two...three!

got any you would like to add? then contact me!